Sunday, March 4, 2012

Tutorial - Bows with Sweet Tooth Boxes cartridge

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I love these bows so thought I would post how I make them.
It is so simple and they are so cute!!

1. This is the bow post cut at 5 inches. The measurement is from tip to tip of the main bow piece
2. I inked the edges and ran the pieces through the cuttlebug for some dimension and texture
Then I placed a piece of double sided tape in the centre at the back of the main piece
3. I folded the side pieces to the back and stuck them onto the tape with the tips meeting in the centre, for extra stick I placed another small piece of tape on top..glue if fine though, what ever you prefer.
4. I stuck some dimensional tape on (I find depending on the use for the bow it does look nice being raised a little from the bow ends.
5. I then stick the bow end piece on the back in the centre and just below the top of the bow. Then I puff it up a bit by pushing the edges of the bowinwards evenly on both sides. I also curled the bow ends a little on this one.

Now for the biggest decision of all......which button to use??? They all looked my solution will be......make more bows!! 
I hope this was helpfull, please provide feedback either way.



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  1. Oh that is awesome! Wish I had that cart now lol :) Very beautiful!! Thanks for sharing! I found your blog by googling hexagon box as i wanted to make one.